Turquoise Intellective Computer Kids Laptop 50 Activities BlueBabyBlue.

Turquoise Intellective Computer Kids Laptop 50 Activities BlueBabyBlue

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Who says learning has to be boring? You can add excitement and fun to a child’s daily study time and make subjects interesting to learn with this Intellective Learning Computer from . Includes 50 Activities This computer is specially designed for kids and features over 50 activities that enhance logic, knowledge and skill. The activities include learning letters, orders of strokes, letter order, capital pick, learning words and first letters, missing letters, spelling, correct the word, scramble, find the picture and flash word. There are also math activities like learning numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, find the missing number, put the numbers in order and odd and even numbers. Your little one can learn music on this computer by learning the different notes. Helps Develop Skill With the help of the various puzzle activities, your child’s logic level is developed. Other games like hit the correct letters, identify the shapes and other math activities help increase your child’s skills. It features user-friendly technology that helps your child get comfortable with the computer and develops his/her typing skills. Eye-catching Animation and Sound Effects Turning simple learning into an entertaining and interesting subject, this computer features eye-catching animation and amusing sound effects.

Color: Turquoise
Type: Laptops & Learning Pads
Material: Plastic
Country of Origin: India